I can do nothing for pro-democracy Hong Kongers.

So I'm selling T-shirts with a big back print design in Japan.
   T-shirt TRINITY
search with these keywords 
                                 "香港 国家安全法 習近平 国賓"  

I'd like to sell in foreign countries too, but there are many complicated obstacles like customs duty, consumption tax, shipping method and delivery fee 

especially for amateur net shop owners like me.
So finally I've given up.

If you want to put on these T-shirts,

Please order T-shirts by yourself 

at clothes printing shop in your country

with the digital images which you can take on this page.

Of course no copyright fee.
I'm very glad only if many people watch my drawings.

Never Invite Xi Jinping !

(Stop Handshake) 

back print   T-shirt

Never Invite Xi Jinping !

(Chinese Map)

back print   T-shirt

Police Violence 

             in Hong Kong

back print   T-shirt

Anger of  more than half of Japanese people 

prevented Japanese prime minister's conspiracy  

back print   T-shirt

Will you translate this page into Taiwanese language? 

I hope somebody helps me!


You are welcome to link to this website.